March 7, 2015

Eventbrite - Literary Death Match SF, Ep. 59 at Elbo Room — lineup TBA!

Before we sky to Stockholm to make our Sweden debut, Literary Death Match is heading back to the Bay Area for a Saturday nightstravaganza at Elbo Room aimed to fill you with enough lit and laughs so you can hold your breath until our next SF appearance in June. Preorder now for cheap!

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LA, Ep. 36

March 3, 2015 — To celebrate LDM's 9th birthday, Largo's stage was rife with award-winning talent, for a show that boasted the highest of highs, exceedingly high lows, and a down-to-the-wire finish that saw M.G. Lord topple Carson Mell in a sudden death game of Fictionary: Great Adaptations edition, winning Lord the LDM LA, Ep. 36 crown.

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This Week: Patton Oswalt

This week on iTunes: LDM Presents...Patton Oswalt (February 23, 2015) at Largo at the Coronet! We sat down with Patton to discuss his new book, Silver Screen Fiend: Learning About Life from an Addiction to Film. Topics include: Spider-Man, stand-up comedy, jealousy, grade-A Hollywood douchebags, and Patton's favorite book of all time. Hosted by LDM creator Adrian Todd Zuniga. Subscribe now!

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March 18 (at The Hoxton Pony)

Eventbrite - Literary Death Match London, Ep. 46 with The Borough Press!

Right on the cusp of sprintime, LDM is teaming with The Borough Press to put a bunny-hop in your wintry step! Join us as we return to the Pizza East-fueled Concrete for lit, laughs, and enough joviality and warmth to make all your daffodils bloom.

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April 8 (at Nomad World Pub)

Eventbrite - Literary Death Match Twin Cities, Ep. 11 — AWP Spectacular feat Roxane Gay!

After a year+ away, Literary Death Match returns to the brilliant Twin Cities for our annual AWP spectacular at Nomad World Pub for an electric night of literature, comedy, mayhem, genius, imbibing, laughter, joy and general good cheer. This one's not to be missed — let's sell it out in a jiff!

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April 9 (at The Texas Theatre)

We're spending early April in the glorious Lone Star State, which signals our return to Dallas — five years after our debut there! We're teaming with the masterminds at Deep Vellum for a night at The Texas Theatre that will be well worth the wait. Lit brilliance, hijinks, oddity, hilarity and so much in between await. Preorder now!

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April 14 (at The North Door)

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For our annual, spring classic in Austin, we're returning to The North Door (the site of an epic Texas Book Festival affair in October) for a blowout of the most extraordinary order, with a brilliant lineup that'll have in throes. Don't you dare miss it. 

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April 15 (at The Stone Fox)

Eventbrite - Literary Death Match Nasvhille, Ep. 2 feat. Adam Ross & way more!

After an electric October debut, Literary Death Match returns to Nashville — the front-runner for our City of the Year in 2015! — for a madcap event at The Stone Fox that will wow, awe, confuse and titillate. Preorder now!

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April 19 (at Largo)

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April's a cruel month? Not with a night like this one. Literary Death Match is teaming with the cast of HBO's Silicon Valley and the LA Times Festival of Books for a Festival After Dark event at Largo that will spectacularly rearrange your brain. Click to preorder — this one's going to sell out lickety split!

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Future LDMs

11th: San Antonio
13th: London (at Foyle's)
22nd: Boston (at OBERON)
24th: Berkshires (at The Mount)
25th: Montgomery County, PA

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