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LDM 2014: Year in Review

For the last four years, I've written a LDM Year in Review. And this year, like last year, I'm writing it way past when it would make sense (mid-January seems like a good cut off). I drag my feet, I realize, because recapping a year — one that featured 50 LDM events around the world — means looking back. And at the beginning of a new year, I want to look forward. Particularly this year, which is the year LDM is trying to make a colossal leap. 

Here's where we're at: we're still in love with doing LDM's all over the world. It's like a party we get to throw where everyone is smart and sweet and funny. The Problem: The live show has its limitations (reach-wise and financially, to name two). At the beginning we loved that people had to show up to witness the show, and when it was over, it was over, outside the feeling of post-show glee. Solution 1: we've launched LDM on iTunes (this is our second take, but now we'll be posting live shows every week, as we have an archive of unbelievable stuff, and it's time to show it off). Solution 2: we've launched LDM on Instagram, where we'll post a daily picture from one of the (currently) 365 shows we've done. Solution 3: video. It's time for LDM to make our biggest possible leap (and the most obvious), and that means making video content. And not just footage of the live show. But behind the scenes, in the green room, on the streets of the cities we visit. The Problem: a move towards video is an expensive, sometimes overwhelming task. Especially because we want the people who participate in LDM to look their best. We're huge fans of production value. Solution 4: we're developing pitch documents for people to invest in LDM. Some of our programs are pricy, others not as much. But if we're able to get the money we need, we can continue doing the live show at a high level, all while bringing video (and a much-needed web site relaunch) into the fold. 

I could've just said: last year was amazing! (It was.) But I'm excited for what's to come, and the challenge we're taking on. And it's more fun to share, because if you're reading this, you care about LDM. And we care about impressing you, and making you go: wow, that's so smart/cool! For three years, we've sort of had a business model that could be summed up by "Let's get a TV show!" and while that's still in the works, what we realized was the grand prize was creating a sustainable entity that could live and thrive and continue to promote books and smarts and humor and fun to the masses. 

It's early days in 2015, but time is moving fast. So far, though, we've identified the problems. Now it's time to crack on and unleash our solutions. 

— Adrian Todd Zuniga