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August 16 (at Elbo Room)

Eventbrite - Literary Death Match SF, Ep. 53 — starring Kurt Bodden & Sarah Marie Griff!

Before summer's swelter abandons the Bay, we're returning for a Saturday night of literary battle and comedic irreverance that'll kickstart your night. Outlandishness, intelligence, oddity, tipsyness: all comes with the price of admission. Be there!

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Oakland, Ep. 1

July 30, 2014 — After over an eight-year wait, Literary Death Match finally made its way to Oakland, and what a debut it was. An insta-classic, the night ended with Nancy Davis Kho outdueling Tim "Toaster" Henderson in a Literary Pictionary Oakland-Style finale by a closer-than-it-appeared score of 9-1 to win her the LDM Oakland, Ep. 1 crown. 

More details soon!

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August 26 (at Largo)

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To cool down your summer simmer, Literary Death Match returns to Largo at the Coronet for a wild adventure of literary delight, comedian miracles, madcap sensation and pretty much the smartest/best-looking crowd in the history of the planet. That sounds can't-miss, right? It is. 

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August 30 (at Bumbershoot)

In what we're hoping will be the greatest hour of literary wizardry of the summer, Literary Death Match is headed to the amaze and awe of Bumbershoot for a mid-afternoon spectacular that will wow, titillate, hilarify and other semi-real words. Don't miss it!

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